Practice Self-Love in Seven Minutes

Step 1.
Make sure your hands are clean and dry.

Step 2.
Apply one layer of the nail polish color of your choice. Wait at least 30 seconds for it to dry!

Step 3. Apply another layer of the same nail polish color of your choice. Wait at least 45 seconds this time for it to dry.

Step 4. Take your Kynd Top Coat and apply one generous layer.

1 Mins

Step 5. Wait 1 minute for it to dry and you’re good to go!

✨ For our Muslim Sisters: Yes you can go to the mosque with these on!

The Gentle Removal

Step 1.
Either soak your hands in water for a minute or use a wet towel to cover your nails.

Step 2.
If it has been more than 3 hours since you applied Kynd Nail Polish, you can peel the polish off one by one!/p>

Step 3.
Wash your hands and you’re good to go!

You can now have beautiful colored nails while respecting the animals, the environment and yourself: we have a range of vegan nail polish that are not tested on animals.